Arkansas Would Take A Large Hit In Government Shutdown

Arkansas Would Take A Large Hit In Government Shutdown

Lawmakers must reach a spending deal by midnight Monday or face a government shutdown.
LITTLE ROCK, AR -- The federal government is getting closer to it's first shutdown in 17 years.

If lawmakers don't reach a spending deal by midnight Monday, thousands of federal employees and programs could be impacted.

Here in Arkansas that hit could be devastating.

State employees received a memo about possible furloughs if the government shuts down.

The Director of Finance and Administration -- for the state of Arkansas -- sent the memo to employees on Friday.

It says they'll be paid for working Monday, but Tuesday is still up in the air, at this point.

One of the hardest hit departments would be the Arkansas Department of Human Services where as many as 900 workers could be furloughed come Tuesday.

This could affect everything from food stamp services to free breakfast and lunch programs in daycare centers and Pre-K.

Hundreds of child abuse investigators and foster care employees could be furloughed as well, if a spending deal isn't reached in D.C.

Department of Finance and Administration Director Richard Weiss said, "The federal shutdown can really go a long way, it can really screw up the economy big time. The uncertainty of what exists out there is disquieting to a lot of people."

Arkansas state employees should know by the end of the day Monday who will be furloughed and how programs would be affected.

Right now, it's really just a waiting game.

Federal programs automatically funded -- like Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security -- will likely not be as harshly impacted by all of this.

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