Bank robberies rise as holidays approach

Bank robberies rise as holidays approach

'Tis the season of taking. According to the FBI, bank robberies rise as the holidays approach and the Little Rock area is no exception with four banks hit in one week.

LITTLE ROCK, AR - Four bank robberies in the Little Rock area in a little over one week, and the FBI says to expect even more. Bank robberies rise as the holiday season approaches each year and this year is no exception.

Little Rock police are looking for at least two different robbers. Surveillance pictures show a man robbing Regions Bank on Cantrell Wednesday afternoon by taking out a gun and pistol-whipping the teller.

"He just struck the bank employee for no apparent reason in the head with a pistol," said Lt. Terry Hastings with Little Rock Police.

Investigators say judging by the surveillance photos, he could be the same man who robbed First Security bank, Monday.

Little Rock Police are also looking for Nickarlos Banks. They believe he robbed North Little Rock's Centennial Bank and Allied Bank in the Heights last week.

After that robbery, Allied Bank started locking the front door and only opening it for identifiable customers.

Investigators say Banks never showed a gun and they aren't sure if he's armed but whoever robbed Regions Bank, Wednesday, and First Security Bank, Monday, is armed.

The robber's gun discharged after he jumped the counter and hit the teller.

"He cleaned out the cash drawer - he did get money - and he fled from there," said Lt. Hastings.

The teller is doing alright and didn't suffer any major injuries. Police also believe there was a driver in the robber's getaway car. If you have any information on either of these suspects or cases, call the Little Rock Police tip line at 501-371-4617.

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