Black Friday deals

Black Friday deals

Stores are offering the deepest discounts to those who get up extra early.
We are less than a week away from the busiest shopping day of the year, Black Friday. Stores are offering the deepest discounts to those who get up extra early. There are some things you need to know before you head out for door buster deals.

Thanksgiving morning, your paper will be stuffed with ads for Black Friday showing you
holiday deals and steals! Angela Mosby is getting a head start on Christmas shopping but she'll be back Friday.

"Some of the deals are really good and especially with the economy now you can't beat some of the deals they're giving," says Mosby.

Experts say to avoid Black Friday blues, have a plan. Mosby says, "I get an idea of what I need for Christmas and I make myself a list and then I assess and see if its really a deal."

Starting Friday, major retailers like Target are offering special promotions for customers getting out of bed extra early.

"A lot of discounts on electronic items. A lot of electronic items, cookware items…get here early cause you know it's first come first serve," says Target Team Leader Brent Mooney.

For the door busting deals, some websites are showing you leaked Black Friday ads giving you time to comparison shop.

Best Buy is expecting customers to start standing in line on Thanksgiving, but doors don't open until 5am Friday morning. "At 3am we'll start passing out door buster tickets for the special things that are in our ad, limited quantity type items,” says Suzanne Lampinen.

Standing in line is almost a guarantee, so make sure you dress for the occasion which means be comfortable.

For Mosby, this weekend is about much more than just a sale. "I think it's exciting. It kind of lets me know it’s the kick off of Christmas. And that's really what it is more than anything I ever buy. It's just the thought it's the beginning of the Christmas season."
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