Black Friday shoppers kick off holiday shopping season

Park Plaza Mall usually opens at 10 a.m. But the exception is Black Friday.
LITTLE ROCK, AR  -- The mall usually opens at 10 a.m.

But the exception is Black Friday.

"There ain't no limit. [I've got] Daddy's credit card," said Savannah Snowden. 

Savannah Snowden didn't let the lines turn her away from Victoria's Secret.

"They have the best panties. You have to get those. You have to get the bras from here. They have the best padding," Snowden said.

Apparently, the word got out on their deals.  The line to get in is by far longer than at any of the other stores that welcomed door busters.

"I'm a guy with three daughters and I just stand where they tell me to stand," Jeff Patrick said.

Shoppers found discounts at just about every store, and the slash in prices had a time limit.  That's the reason you sometimes have to push your way in.

"We love Black Friday shopping. My mother, my sister, my friend -- all of us. We've been doing this for about ten years," Takesha Harris said.

Takesha Harris said shopping on this day is a family tradition. She and her crew have already waited in line at four other stores!

"You eat good. You talk on the phone all day. You talk about what stores you're going to for Black Friday and who's going to get knocked down and who's going to stand where and just have fun," Harris said.

And while the shoppers know some may find them a bit crazy for waiting, at least they get what they came for.

"I've got some plastic so I'm going to be blowing whatever I can," Snowden said, excited to have her father's credit card.

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