Body of 71-Year-Old Man Found In Garland County

Body of 71-Year-Old Man Found In Garland County

Detectives begin murder investigation after finding the body of a Garland County man today.
GARLAND COUNTY, AR -- Detectives recovered the body of an elderly Central Arkansas man who disappeared about five days ago.
So far, no one has been arrested in this murder case.

The victim, Dan Roberson, was 71 years old and friends describe him as a nice man who always followed a daily routine, that's why they got worried when he didn't return home July 9th.

But today, wasn't the way anyone wanted this to end.

Deputy Scott Hinijosa said, "We received a call that a volunteer discovered Mr. Roberson's body."

Detectives believe he was murdered but wouldn't say much more about the investigation.

The Garland County Sheriff's Department led the search but they had a lot of help from other organizations like the State Police and U.S. Forest Service.

Trucks couldn't reach many of the remote areas so people searched on foot and four wheeler.

Deputy Hinijosa said, "This time of year there's all type of vegetation and summer vegetation, so it really makes searching tough."

But perseverance paid off and while Roberson wasn't found alive at least he was found.

Sheriff's deputies said they started looking for Roberson in the Ouachita National Forest area after receiving certain developments, but they wouldn't tell us what those developments were.

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