Boy Gets Lost For Hours After Going Through A Doggy Door

Boy Gets Lost For Hours After Going Through A Doggy Door

Search crews look for 5-year-old Pulaski County boy for hours and finally find him.
PULASKI COUNTY, AR -- Even with all the doors locked, a five-year-old boy managed to get out of his home and was lost in a wooded area for hours.

Wednesday night just after 8:00, panic struck the Stewart home on Kanis Road in Pulaski County.

One minute their little boy was safe and sound, the next, he's gone!

Dyson Stewart was watching Scooby Doo, one of his favorite cartoons, when his parents went upstairs for about 15 minutes.

When they came back down, Dyson had disappeared.

His dad, Chris, said, "He apparently put his shoes on and slipped out a doggy door through this door which was locked from the inside and he came through the garage and slipped through a second doggy door."

After looking inside, mom and dad took off outside checking some of his favorite places to play.

After about 30 minutes, they called 911.

The search crews showed up with a helicopter and dogs and the family handed them a photo taken of Dyson and his sister the same day.

It took six hours, but eventually a blood hound and trustee from Trevor found the five-year-old boy about a quarter of a mile away from home.

A few scrapes and scratches are all that's left of a night Dyson -- and his parents -- probably want to forget.

Chris Stewart said, "I think without the assistance we got, I might not have found him all night or maybe at all."

Since this happened, the family bolted down the doggy door.

The Pulaski County Sheriff's Department recommended buying a doggy door with security features that let you lock the door when you can't monitor it.

Dyson's father says his son saw an animal and followed it when he got outside, that's how he got lost in the first place.

He was too shy to talk to us, but Dyson's parents wanted to thank all the Pulaski County and Little Rock law enforcement agencies who helped to bring their son home safely.

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