Cats Seem To Be Taking Over At A Maumelle Mobile Home Park

Cats Seem To Be Taking Over At A Maumelle Mobile Home Park

City is trying to figure what to do about a large feral cat population in Maumelle.
LITTLE ROCK, AR -- Cats are taking over at a mobile home park in Maumelle.

The city's animal control director says there are around 100 feral cats on the Frontier Drive property.

The director says the land has been bought and people must move, but they're leaving their pets behind.

So, the cats continue to reproduce...causing bigger problems for people who live around the area.

And, with four cases of rabies in the area disease is another concern.

One woman told us she's trying to help because she's also concerned about the cats who are suffering or sick.

But, at this point, it seems to be way out of her control.

Amanda Estes said, "They're skin and bone and I made the mistake of feeding them. So, they would just leave them behind and it got worse and worse. Now, there are baby kittens everywhere."

The city's Animal Control is hoping to do a catch and release.

That's where they catch the cats, spay or neuter them and vaccinate them, then release the cats back into the outdoors.

A plan on exactly how this will all work out is still being decided.

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