Chad, Do My Job! Vino’s Pizza Edition

Chad, Do My Job! Vino’s Pizza Edition

Every week, FOX16’s Chad Garneau sets out to try unique jobs in Central Arkansas. This week, Chad went to make his very own pizza at Vino's.
Tucked away on the corner of 7th street lies Little Rock's very own Vino's Pizzeria.

Known for its large, delicious slices and calzones, the pizzeria has been serving up the natural state for several decades. Chad was ready to put in his application.

He was greeted at the door by general manager Chris Newman.

"Well, we've been in business for over 21 years,” Chris said. “We make hand tossed, stone bake New York style pizza."

So to make a pizza, Chad would have to make the dough, add the cheese and most importantly -

"You need to wash your hands,” Chris said. “That's most important."

Right, of course. Now onto the dough.

Chris showed Chad how to toss the fresh dough before adding the toppings – but neither one could flip and toss the pizza do.

Chris and Chad started on another piece of dough. Chris added the sauce and Chad smeared it.

Next, they tossed on cheese, pepperoni, green peppers, mushrooms and Chad’s personal favorite: homemade sausage.

Finally, the pizza was ready for the oven.

After five minutes pass, it's crucial to turn the pizza around so it's cooked evenly.

Another few minutes pass,and the end result was a little oblong, but it was delicious.

"I think you're going to be a pizza cook,” Chris said. "If television [doesn’t] work out for you, we got a job for ya."
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