Cinco de Mayo Fiesta Helps Students Go To College

Cinco de Mayo Fiesta and Fundraiser
Cinco de Mayo Fiesta and Fundraiser
Little Rock, AR -- An Hispanic organization held a Cinco de Mayo Fiesta today to raise money for scholarships.

This event helps undocumented immigrants, living in the United States most of their lives, get the help they need.

Arkansas is fourth in the nation for the largest growing Hispanic population.

So, the need for these kind of scholarships is becoming much greater.

And, the organization League of United Latin American Citizens -- or LULAC -- is stepping up.

Just a few years ago Miguel Lopez would've never guessed his life would turn out like this.

He said, "I've been living in the U.S. since I was three years old."

But at 16-years-old, Lopez found out he was an undocumented immigrant.

Determined not to give up he went to Mexico to apply for his visa and came to college in Arkansas -- the state he's always lived -- through the help of LULAC.

Lopez said, "So it helps. Whenever I had to pay double the amount of my tuition because I wasn't born here, although I've been living here my whole life."

The president of the local LULAC chapter -- Terry Trevino-Richard -- says they've handed out 40 scholarships this year.

With the Hispanic population growing in Arkansas, the scholarships are becoming more popular.

Proceeds from today's Cinco de Mayo Fiesta will go towards those scholarships to help people like Lopez.

The LULAC president said, "They're bright students and see themselves as Americans who need help to get through and achieve the American dream."

In the last 30 years the local LULAC chapter handed out half a million dollars in scholarships.

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