City to host neighborhood leadership training classes

The city signed up a record number of participants
LITTLE ROCK, AR-- One of the simple joys of living in the Broadmoor Subdivision is feeding the ducklings along the lake. But Liz Mackenzie, president of the neighborhood association, said you’d be surprised that vandals trash the lake, break the swing, and even shatter the windows.

"It's one of those things that we have to stay on top of so the rest of the people in the community can enjoy the benefits,” Mackenzie said.

That’s why she and fifty others living in the city are signing up for the city’s Neighborhood Leadership Training classes. The free, six-week course will teach them how to report crimes and beautify their area – skills they could not just use in Broodmoor, but all across the city.

"They go back and make our neighborhoods stronger and in return that makes our community stronger, our city stronger,” said Bryan Day, the city’s assistant city manager.

The city signed up a record number of neighbors. Day said that shows more people want to make an impact on their communities.

“They're more interested now than even before in wanting their government to be transparent and responsive,” Day said.

The classes will run February 6.
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