Clinton dedicates pedestrian bridge at his library

Clinton dedicates pedestrian bridge at his library

Former President Bill Clinton said Friday that a $10.5 million pedestrian walkway converted from an old railroad bridge at his library is important because it represents a contrast to the divisions and partisanship that Americans see in politics today.

LITTLE ROCK, AR - It's not every day someone in town to visit the Clinton Presidential Center actually sees Clinton himself!

"I was just being silly saying is Bill here and they said yes," Sandra Abbot, who was visiting from Oklahoma said.

Former President Clinton, joined by his wife and daughter, marked the opening of the presidential bridge and the Bill Clark Wetlands along the Arkansas River.

"We're connecting people to nature and our past to our future," Clinton said.

Among the crowd, a sea of friends and supports who know Clinton personally. Before he became America's 42nd president, these folks knew him as Arkansas' attorney general and 42nd governor.

"Scores of you can honestly give examples of what you did for me which I might never have become governor or governor the second time and certainly not president," Clinton said.

But Clinton says the bridge is not just a structure that connects two cities. It should serve as a model for governments at a time of great division.

"Just like this bridge, we have to move in a way that brings us together not drive us apart,” Clinton said. “I learned it from you. From all the campaigns we fought the ones we won and the ones we lost it all amounted to the building the bridge from my heart to my mind."

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