Community College As An Option

In Money Alert, huge paychecks, potentially waiting on students who go off to Community College.
Politicians and Business Leaders are encouraging high school students to look at one more option to further their education.
Doug Ford is an instructor for Computerized Numeric Controls at Pulaski Tech Academy, basically woodworking - but they cut metal instead of wood.
And he agrees with a recent article stating that community college is the quickest way for graduates to land a stable job, that's in demand and pays well, like welding.
"I get a call on average about once or twice a month from machine shops and manufactures, that are looking for trained machinist and CNC programers, said Ford."
He says he is not knocking four year colleges.
"I'm giving kids hard skills, they can actually use them. It's not theory, I'm not putting down other departments, but that can actually come out of here after a year or maybe even a semester and know how to go out and make a good living."
According to U.S. News and World Report there are 600,000 manufacturing jobs just waiting on qualified applicants.
Like Emily Brush, who has already received her welding certificate.
"There's a lot of money in it, women, not being sexist, we are better welders, so I just came to school for a year and graduated with highest honors, said Brush."
Students enrolled at PTC can earn a one year technical certificate or a two year associates degree, giving them the skills they need to break into the working world.
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