Community Support Helps To Save Animals At Shelter

Community Support Helps To Save Animals At Shelter

Maumelle residents donate time and money to help the shelter after it lost electricity during the storms
MAUMELLE, AR -- A shelter full of animals with more coming in by the minute...the laundry piling up after surgeries....and no electricity!

That was the scenario for the Maumelle Animal Shelter after a tornado ripped through the area on Thursday.

After two hours of emergency lighting, the shelter went dark.

Making things worse, scared dogs taking off during the storms, crowded the shelter even more.

Volunteer April Thomas said, "The shelter was humid, hot, dogs everywhere!"

And then there was the laundry situation with several surgeries being performed on Thursday, there were more than 20 large bags of laundry and with no electricity, there was no way to clean the blankets and towels.

But some shelter volunteers got on Facebook asking for the community's help and it came pouring in.

Shelter Supervisor Rita Cavanaugh said, "I've been doing this 20 years and I've never had a community back their animal shelter the way this community has."

People brought in supplies and offered their homes to animals.

Some people -- lucky enough to still have electricity -- even volunteered to take home dirty laundry.

Volunteer Lori Miller said, "A lot of these people don't even know we have a shelter here, and they show up to get the laundry."

Although people fostered about eight dogs, the shelter is still overcrowded.

If you would like to help, you can call 501-851-6219.

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