Computer Glitch Grounds American Air Travelers

Computer Glitch Grounds American Air Travelers

Four Little Rock flights were cancelled during the outage.
LITTLE ROCK, AR- More than two hundred travelers were delayed in Little Rock during an outage of American Airline's reservation system.

Four Little Rock flights were canceled during the outage.

"Our systems have been fully restored, however we expect continued flight  delays and cancellations throughout the remainder of the day," American Airlines  said in a post.

The Fort Worth, Texas-based airline earlier in the day had apologized for the  inconvenience and said it was working to resolve the issue as quickly as  possible.

It had asked the Federal Aviation Administration to issue a  ground stop.

The massive grounding of American flights came after a glitch in American's  reservation and check-in system, which caused the system the shut for hours.

The  carrier has not given a cause for the outage, however, and Sabre, the software  maker, has since denied the reports, according to Fox Business.

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