Controversial Senior Prank Includes "Racial Undertones"

Controversial Senior Prank Includes "Racial Undertones"

Police are investigating controversial actions in what some people call a simple school prank.
STUTTGART, AR - The Stuttgart School District says the walls at its High School became a canvas for graffiti with racial undertones the night before school started.

"You can't do that," said Superintendent Melvin Bryant. "That's a no-no."

Pictures have already circulated on social media showing the painting that reads "The South will rise again" on walls at Stuttgart High School.

Pictures of the alleged student suspects wearing white hoods with a caption saying "the KKK is back" has also made its rounds.

"Makes Stuttgart look like a bad place," said Courtney Kleinbeck.

Kleinbeck says her son was involved in a separate senior prank the same night but not involved in the vandalism, saying that took it to a new level.

"Racial slurs that were inexcusable," she remarked.

"Because of the nature of it, we turned it over to police department," explained Bryant.

Pranks are generally handled within the district but Bryant calls this different.

"It had a racial undertone."

According to the police report, it specifically said "The South will rise again ARCO 'Merica."

"Everybody has the right to freedom of expression but not when it crosses the line of defacing public property," said Bryant. "There are consequences for our actions and that's the message we need to get across."

Police and the school say they know who did it but they're under age so aren't releasing their names.

In the police report it says the students responsible admitted to the vandalism. It also says the parents of one of the students has offered to pay for the damages.

The school district says cases like this usually result in suspension and ultimately expulsion under its school vandalism policy. According to police, the students responsible could face legal action including misdemeanor and felony criminal mischief charges.
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