"Crazy" cat holds family hostage

"Crazy" cat holds family hostage

Cory Alexander was worried about his family's safety and the safety of every child in his Conway neighborhood so he called 911.
CONWAY, AR - Cory Alexander was worried about his family's safety and the safety of every child in his Conway neighborhood so he called 911.

He told the operator, "we trying to get out of the house and it won't let us."

Now looking back he says, "it's just one of those things where you know it doesn't normally happen, but it happened."

At first, the 911 operator couldn't believe it.

"The cat won't let you get out of the house?" she asked.

"A cat will not let us get out the house," laughed Alexander.

Yes, the neighbor's cat terrorized Alexander, but this is no ordinary cat. In fact, even when police got to Alexander's house they had their hands full.

According to their incident report, at first they wondered if they'd found "some sort of super house cat." After all, the cat did "hiss and growl in a menacing manner."

Then, "the cat bounded forward in an instant, bearing its teeth and claws."

"He hit the cat and breaks the cat's leg," remembered Alexander, talking about the police officer. "So I'm sorry to all you cat lovers out there."

A hectic situation at the time, but now looking back Alexander thinks it's funny.

"It was hilarious to me," he says.

The cat is now back at home and recuperating. In case you're wondering -- no charges were filed.

Original narrative in the police report:

Officer Case was dispatched to an animal welfare call. Dispatch said the caller reported that a “crazy” cat outside was trying to break through the door. I went to assist Officer Case in the event the caller was impaired or the animal was in fact some sort of super house cat.

When we arrived, Officer Case noticed the suspect cat at the caller’s front door. As Officer Case cautiously approached the animal, it turned and began coming towards him, hissing and growling in a menacing manner. We then backed away in an attempt to prevent any sort of altercation.

While observing the cat, we noticed that it was staggering as it walked. Every time the animal attempted to sniff the ground it would hit its face. Officer Case notified dispatch that the cat was, in fact, being very aggressive and had some sort of disease or physical impairment.

The Animal Welfare Unit was contacted to come pick up the cat. After a brief pause, the cat resumed its approach towards Officer Case and I. I backed away, but the cat continued its aggressive behavior. I took out my baton, explaining to Officer Case that I would keep it ready in case the animal attempted to bite.

Before I could extend the baton, the cat bounded forward in an instant, baring its teeth and claws. I immediately swung the baton, causing it to strike the felonious feline, deterring the attempted assault of my lower extremities. After the impact, the cat continued to hiss and growl, but then reluctantly retreated to the shadows. Animal Welfare arrived on scene and obtained the cat. The owner was notified and Animal Welfare filed a separate report for the incident.

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