Crews Recover The Body of Wildlife Officer

Crews Recover The Body of Wildlife Officer

After two days of searching crews find the body of Officer Joel Campora
SCOTT COUNTY, AR --  Crews discovered the body of a missing game and fish officer after storms caused massive flooding in Scott County.

Investigators say Wildlife Officer Joel Campora and Scott County Sheriff Cody Carpenter were trying to rescue two women when their house collapsed.

Both men have now been found dead.

Crews also recovered the bodies of two women in the area.

After two full days of searching, it's not the way anyone wanted this to turn out.

Just after 9:00 Sunday morning, crews found 32-year-old Joel Campora's body.

His life jacket -- apparently ripped off during the attempted rescue -- was nearby.

Keith Stephens, Assistant Chief with Arkansas Game and Fish Commission, said, "All these officers are risking their lives all the time and sometimes something like this does happen."

Stephens says Campora knew in the fourth grade he wanted to be a wildlife officer.

He says Campora was also very involved in his church as a youth leader with two young daughters of his own.

Stephens said, "We're one big family and it affects all of us when someone dies like this, especially in the line of duty."

The Game and Fish Commission says Campora will receive a special service.

The details for his funeral haven't been announced yet.

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