Crews Search Local Park For WWII-Era Ammunition

Crews Search Local Park For WWII-Era Ammunition

Burns Park was a former WWII defense site
NORTH LITTLE ROCK, AR -- If you head out to Burns Park you may notice some heavy equipment, but crews aren't building new trails.

They're actually looking for ammunition and explosives.

A couple years ago when North Little Rock City crews worked on a bike trail in Burns Park, they came across WWII era ammunition.

That's because the park used to be a defense site for Camp Robinson.

As a precaution, city leaders decided to bring in the Army Corps of Engineers to find out if anything else is buried here.

Max Frauenthal, with the Army Corps of Engineers, said, "Just because it was made during WWII or the Civil war doesn't matter, the items still do what they were meant to do back then."

Just this month, a private contractor began clearing areas of Burns Park.

By next week, crews will use metal detectors to search for old ammunition.

If you see anything unusual at the park, you're asked to walk away from it and call 911, as it could be dangerous.

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