Cruise Diverted Due to Sunken Tugboat in River

Cruise Diverted Due to Sunken Tugboat in River

A group of 11 Arkansans are among those that ended up at a port in Alabama instead of New Orleans.

MOBILE, AL-- Three teachers from Crestwood Elementary in North Little Rock and their families are among the 11 Arkansans whose cruise lasted a few hours longer than expected.

After a trip to Jamaica and Mexico, the Carnival Conquest was set to dock in New Orleans at 8:35 a.m..

Last night, the crew became aware that a tugboat had sunk in the mouth of the Mississippi.

Attempts to locate and remove the tugboat were not successful, so the cruise ship had to be diverted to a terminal in Mobile, Alabama.

The boat arrived about 2:30 p.m.

The passengers were then taken by bus to New Orleans.

We spoke by phone with Sarah Richardson, one of the Arkansans on the boat.

She says she feels positive about the way that Carnival handled the situation.

"We got to see an extra city we hadn't planned on seeing," said Richardson.

"They were just getting us home as fast as they knew how."

The tugboat that blocked the passage is owned by a different company.

There are not reports of injuries from the incident.
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