Update: Jury to Resume Deliberations Thursday Morning in Hastings Retrial

Update: Jury to Resume Deliberations Thursday Morning in Hastings Retrial

This is the second trial of a former Little Rock police officer accused of wrongfully causing the death of a 15-year-old suspect in August of 2012.
Update (September 25, 11:15 a.m.):
LITTLE ROCK, AR - After an afternoon of deliberations, a 12-member jury will continue determining the fate of a former Little Rock police officer charged with manslaughter on Thursday morning.

The jury is charged with determining whether Josh Hastings is guilty of manslaughter, guilty of negligent homicide, or not guilty.

All 12 members must agree.

"This case is about choices," Prosecutor Emily Abbott said in her closing arguments in the case against Josh Hastings. "Choices made by Hastings when he picked up his service weapon firing three shots into the vehicle."

Abbott told the courtroom it was a choice that led to Bobby Moore being slumped over in the car, dead from the three gunshots.

She noted that evidence and testimony showed the car stopped and rolled backward. If the car did not continue forward past Hastings then why did Hastings shoot, she asked. Hastings could have stayed where he was and let the car keep on going. The simplest solution in this case would have been for Mr. Hastings to not pull the trigger, Abbott said.

Defense attorney Bill James started his closing argument with a Humpty Dumpty reference saying "the case fell apart as soon as those boys started testifying."

He said there was, "No evidence that the car was ever in the reverse" gear. He also questioned credibility of three main witnesses, the two juveniles and the medical examiner. He says the witness lied at the scene, lied under oath the first time and said it was OK to lie.

The prosecution has objected twice to arguments made in defense's statements. Specifically to a juror placing themselves in the place of a reasonable person in that situation.

Our expert, Felicia Epps, says by the defense not bringing any witnesses, it's likely the defense is standing on the presumption of innocence, betting the prosecution has not proven its case beyond a reasonable doubt.

Update (September 25, 9:35 a.m.)
LITTLE ROCK, AR - After only one day of testimony in in the retrial of a former Little Rock police officer charged with manslaughter, both the defense and prosecution have rested their cases.

Closing arguments were getting underway around 9:30 this morning with the case expected to go to the jury soon after.

Original story (September 24):
LITTLE ROCK, AR -- Opening statements were finally made on Tuesday in the Josh Hastings retrial after a lengthy jury selection process.

Hastings, a former Little Rock Police officer, is being accused of wrongfully causing the death of a 15-year-old robbery suspect in August of 2012.

This is Hastings' second go around after his first trial ended with a hung jury.

"[Hastings] fired three shots into that car ignoring all other options," Chief Deputy Prosecutor John Johnson said during his opening statement.

Defense attorney Bill James countered that in his opening statement.

"Evidence will show that they went toward Josh Hastings, never slowing until the shots were fired," James said.

Defense played tape of "shots fired," showing the sound of the "stressed" defendant.

Seven witnesses have taken the stand, including two juvenile friends who were also in the car.

Prosecution asked the second juvenile witness, "Did Bobby Moore once ever try to run that officer over?" The witness answered, "No."

We'll continue updating as the trial continues. 
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