Deputies Release Video Of Inmate Escape

Garland County Sheriff's Department released video of a man escaping from the detention center.
GARLAND COUNTY, AR -- The escape of a Garland County inmate considered armed and dangerous is caught on tape.

Deputies say he broke out of the detention center Sunday afternoon and he hasn't been seen since.

33-year old Derrick Estell went to jail back in March.

Police say they spent several hours chasing him down after he stole a truck and now, they're chasing him all over again.

Surveillance video -- from the booking area -- shows how Derrick Estell put an elaborate escape plan into action.

Deputies say William Harding distracted employees as Estell jumped over a counter and through a sliding glass window.

A sheriff's deputy followed him through the window and front door of the detention center.

Deputies say nearby -- Tamara Upshaw -- waited to pick up Estell...even had the car door open so he could jump inside.

The deputy tried to stop the car, but it didn't happen.

Detectives later found the get-away car, so right now, they aren't sure what Estell is driving or where he's going, but they're not giving up.

Deputy Scott Hinojosa said, "Currently we're investigating several leads we've received."

Former Garland County inmate -- Austin Avery -- isn't sure how this escape could've happened.

He said, "I've never seen anyway for there to be an escape unless the cops are not doing their jobs."

He said it would be hard to pull off an escape because phone calls, mail and visits are monitored.

So, planning would be a challenge unless....

Avery said, "I had known for there to be cell phones smuggled in."

But Avery says it would've been best for Estell to just serve his time because once he's caught he'll be spending more years behind bars and less time in what inmates call "the free world."

The Garland County Sheriff's Department would not answer our questions about how Estell could plan an escape with someone from the "outside".

The window he escaped from has been fixed so an adult could not get through it anymore.

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