Donna's Family Health: Tai Chi Helps Stroke Victims

The ancient exercise can help stroke patients keep their balance and avoid falling down.
When was the last time you tried Tai Chi?

They've now discovered it can help stroke patients keep their balance and avoid falling down.

Stroke survivors suffer seven times as many falls compared to healthy adults.

These falls can cause fractures and decrease mobility. The fear of falling can lead stroke patients to isolate themselves from other people.  

Researchers tracked more than 80 people with an average age of 70 who suffered a stroke.

They were divided into three groups. One received the usual care, one was assigned to a fitness program, and one practiced Tai Chi.

And wouldn't you know it, the group that practiced Tai Chi had fewer falls than those in the other two groups.

Be careful mixing alcohol with diet drinks, because it may get you more drunk.

According to findings from breathalyzer tests, drinking diet "mixers" with alcohol intensifies the effects of the booze.

How do we know this? Well, researchers recruited eight male and eight female 23-year-olds, then had them drink the equivalent of three or four bar drinks of vodka and soda and vodka and diet soda, and regular soda with a small amount of liquor on top. They did this on three different occasions.

Findings showed blood alcohol levels remained higher for the diet soda and alcohol drinkers for the entire three-hour period.

They discovered calories help slow down the release of alcohol to your liver and brain.

The American Beverage Association took issue with the findings, citing that the report only looked at sixteen people and that mixing diet soft drinks with alcohol does not increase intoxication.

Bottom line here, drink responsibly.
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