Dozens Brave Rain, Long Lines At LR'S Apple Store

Dozens Brave Rain, Long Lines At LR'S Apple Store

The doors of the Apple store unlocked at 8 Friday morning ending the wait for dozens of iPhone fanatics camping outside.
LITTLE ROCK, AR -- Even after the doors to the Apple store were open, the line for the iPhone 5 stretched far.

We spoke to one fan who drove all the way from Springfield and another who camped in front of the store for five days.

They all came out despite rainy conditions.

"Because Apple's awesome," William Davis said. "And I wanted to see the phone really badly."

Davis, along with his friend Lucas, skipped their first period class to come out, but they walked away empty handed.

Both woke up early, and stood in line just to see the new phone.

"We were like 'Oh we're going to be one of the first persons,'" Lucas said.

Some who waited to get their hands on one asked not to be shown on TV since they called in to work to be there.
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