Drunk Driver Crashes Into Child's Bedroom

Drunk Driver Crashes Into Child's Bedroom

A family is grateful their daughters are alive after a truck plows through their home.
A Central Arkansas family is demanding harsher penalties for two men who crashed through their home, putting their entire family in danger. Police say Dalton Alverson was driving under the influence of alcohol when he did some serious damage and almost cost two young girls their lives late Sunday.

"I thought we were dead, it was the most terrifying noise I've ever heard in my life," says Kerie Wade.

What the Wade family thought could have been an airplane, turned out to be a truck plowing through their home, straight through their daughter's bedroom.

"My wife thought the girls were still in the bed and the look on her face, I hope to God I never have to see it again," says Russell Wade.

For some reason when they should have been asleep, 5 year-old Addison and 6 year-old Karabeth crept into their parents room, to stay the night, roughly 30 minutes before police say Alverson and his passenger Mark Haney, smashed into their bedroom.

"This guy comes walking down our hallway into the living room and he's like 'don't call the cops man I'll pay for it' and I said, 'you're lucky I don't kill you,'" says Russell.

The crash caused over $60,000 in damage, flooding the home and forcing the family out.

No one is there now, but a big trash bin is parked in their front yard next to the bathtub. You can see where the truck crashed into it, and right now it's outside the home while crews rush to repair the house for the family.

The girls and their parents are grateful they're alive but still haunted.

"Sometimes I have dreams at night," says Karabeth. "A car running into me in bed and I'm asleep."

And for now, home is in a hotel. Instead of focusing on the huge mess left behind, the Wades are grateful for what they're calling their miracle, the girls' decision to leave their room Sunday night, that saved their lives.

"I thank the good Lord above for sparing my children, everything else is replaceable," Russell says.

Karabeth lost nearly all of her belongings in the accident. The family will be living in a hotel for six weeks while they wait on repairs. They say the community is pitching in to help out, even buying toys for the girls.

Alverson faces DWI and criminal mischief charges while Haney faces criminal mischief and public intoxication charges.
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