East End neighbors deal with storm damage

East End neighbors deal with storm damage

The community of East End in Saline County continues cleaning up from Friday night's storm.

The community of East End in Saline County continues cleaning up from Friday night's storm.

The governor sent fifty Arkansas National Guard troops there Saturday to help keep people safe as they got as much as they could done before Saturday night's storms hit.

A break in the clouds, giving people in East End time to at least start cleaning up before round two of the severe weather rolled through central Arkansas Saturday night.

"Mom, dad were here when it happened, and they were in the bathtub and took all the precautions and everybody's okay," says Brad McGinley.

McGinley rushed to his parents' East End home as soon as he could, making the drive from north Arkansas.

"What was it like when you first saw the house?" asked FOX16's Kelly Dudzik.

"Well, definitely it looks a little different than it did when I grew up, and these trees were supposedly planted in 1928, so they've been here for a long time, and we lost two of them," said McGinley.

Also during Friday night's storm, first responders rushed families, and our own Brent Solomon, into a bathroom at East End Elementary to stay safe.

"A lot of people are doing just that, including ourselves right now. We're getting ready to take cover," said Solomon.

Meanwhile, FOX16 Chief Photojournalist Kent Smith, who lives in East End, took pictures of families huddling together and firefighters moments after the storm destroyed the East End Fire Department.

The sirens still were going off when our crew got there Friday night.

Saturday, at the East End Fire Department, the garage door was on the ground, ripped right off. They cleaned the fire station up as best they could, then moved on to help other people.

Saturday night, as neighbors continued reaching out to neighbors, and the National Guard stood ready, McGinley got ready for another night in the dark.

"We do have a couple of generators, so we'll just monitor the situation and just try to keep abreast of everything and do what we can," he said.

As we drove around Saturday, we saw people at gas stations filling up gas containers for their generators since they still don't have power.


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