Economists forecast growth for NWA

If you need a new job in Arkansas this year, you are in luck.
If you need a new job in Arkansas this year, you are in luck.

Hundreds of business and community leaders at the 2013 Business Forecast Luncheon in Rogers agreed that one region of the state will see big job growth in the next twelve months.

"Northwest Arkansas is just a fantastic story," says Kathy Deck with the Center for Business and Economic Research. “When you compare our performance to the state and the nation, we've just blown them all away. We've regained our pre-recession employment highs here, and we really see our key industries hitting on all cylinders. It seems to me like our area always does a little better than the rest of the world. I may be a little biased and prejudiced because I've been here a long time."

J.B. Hunt President and C.E.O. John Roberts says his company, based in Northwest Arkansas, produced record earnings last year. He is cautiously optimistic about 2013.

"Our customers are telling us what they want, and we're responding," he says.

Roberts believes that since three major companies- J.B. Hunt, Walmart and Tyson- make their home in our state, the economy of Northwest Arkansas remains protected.

“We have three really, really good companies here. Big companies, and a lot of people that support those big three companies. A great university. Great climate. I just think we've got a good package all together here,” he says.

Leaders at the conference also revealed home and highway construction should grow this year in NWA. And, the leisure and hospitality industry is expected to thrive thanks to Crystal Bridges.
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