Eight-Year-Old Girl Wants Bicycle Back

Eight-Year-Old Girl Wants Bicycle Back

A family hopes surveillance video can stop other burglaries from happening.

NORTH LITTLE ROCK, AR -- Over the past few days, 8-year-old Meriah Ramirez has been showing her younger brother Braxton how to ride his bike on the street.

"He gets scared and he wobbles the bike," Ramirez said.

But her sessions with him didn't just end because he didn't get it.  Her bike disappeared the other night!  Meriah's mother asked her about it.

"I told her my bike wasn't in the front yard and it was gone, and it was there the evening it was taken," Ramirez said.

Thanks to some perched eyes, they figured out what may have happened to it.  On Tuesday night while they slept, three guys game in their yard on a mission.

"When I saw the video, I didn't say anything else.  I just walked outside," she said.

Her dad noticed something else. 

"He (the burglar) tries to get in my truck and he covers his hand for prints," Brandon Faulk said.

Just as one person tries to get in his truck, Faulk sees his daughter's bike being hauled away.

"It almost made me sick to my stomach, like security at home is taken away from me," Faulk said.

Faulk said some other kids' bikes in the neighborhood were stolen on the same night as Meriah's.  Even though Meriah's upset about her bike she's not holding a grudge.

She just wants the people who took it to bring it back.

"I would feel a lot better about it and tell them thank you," Meriah said.

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