Emergency Leaders Practice Earthquake Drills

Emergency Leaders Practice Earthquake Drills

Emergency leaders get together to practice earthquake drills in Lonoke County.
LONOKE COUNTY, AR -- Are you prepared for an earthquake?

That’s the question asked to local emergency officials as they participated in an earthquake preparedness seminar in Lonoke  County.

If an earthquake did occur, local leaders say they have many of the tools needed for rescues, but they admit they need more equipment.  They are constantly looking for opportunities to get more through grants.

"We need additional cutting and breaking tools, additional instruments to find victims and then locators,” said J.T. Cantrell with Pulaski County Emergency Management.

The training is part of the Great Central U.S. Shake Out, where agencies across the country participate in drills.

Emergency leaders encourage families to come up with a safety plan and practice it often.


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