Escaped Inmate Caught In Lonoke County

Escaped Inmate Caught In Lonoke County

Deputies catch an escaped inmate in Lonoke County.
LONOKE COUNTY, AR -- An escaped inmate is back behind bars tonight at the Lonoke County Jail.

The sheriff says 22-year-old Micah Lance Edwards escaped from the sally port last night around 7:00.

Deputies found him just before 2 o'clock this afternoon about six miles away.

Sheriff John Staley says mistakes made by some jailers led up to an escape for a man who was likely just looking at probation time for misdemeanors including drug charges.

Now, the sheriff says Micah Edwards could face up to ten years in prison if convicted of escape.

Edwards was in a holding cell at the Lonoke County Jail last night.

Sheriff Staley says the two jailers -- on duty at the time-- didn't check to make sure the holding cell door was locked before they left.

He says that's when Edwards propped open the door with a book, crawled out and waited for the sally port gate to open, then took off running.

Sheriff Staley said, "I just tell you it's embarrassing that anytime this happens, it's just mistakes are made."

This afternoon, a Little Rock police officer -- who lives in the area -- spotted Edwards off Highway 236 West.

Just minutes later, dogs tracked his scent in a nearby wooded area.

The sheriff says when they found him, Edwards dropped to the ground and gave up right away.

Sheriff Staley says they used four wheelers, mounted officers, K-9 units and a helicopter to search for Edwards.

They didn't stop until he was found just under 24 hours later.

The sheriff says he's looking into exactly what happened during the escape and it's possible the two jailers could receive some type of discipline.

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