ExxonMobil Leaders Give Progress Report on Cleanup

ExxonMobil Leaders Give Progress Report on Cleanup

ExxonMobil leaders say they're making great progress but there is still work to do.
MAYFLOWER, AR -- ExxonMobil leaders said today they're making progress in the Mayflower oil spill cleanup, but they can't give a time frame of how much longer they will be there.

Leaders called a news conference Thursday morning.

They said the oil is out of the residential areas but can still be spotted in the marshes along a nearby cove. Still, many neighbors have not been allowed back into their homes.

Leaders said air quality samples look good, and to them, that shows the impacted areas are safe. It will be up to the individual homeowners if they want to return to their property.

Mayflower has given each of the 62 homeowners affected a $10,000 check for inconvenience. ExxonMobil has offered to buy homes at pre-spill value or pay for damages.

"That's a personal decision. I think with each of the families. If there's a piece of equipment in front of their home, they're probably not going to want to go back," said Faulkner County Judge Allen Dodson.
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