ExxonMobil Reports Mayflower Oil Spill Progress

ExxonMobil Reports Mayflower Oil Spill Progress

After heavy rain and thunderstorms Wednesday night, cleanup of the Mayflower oil spill continues.
MAYFLOWER- After heavy rain and thunderstorms Wednesday night, cleanup of the Mayflower oil spill continues.

ExxonMobil representatives say a containment system in the marsh and cove adjacent to Lake Conway prevented oil from migrating. The Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality and ExxonMobil are continuing to monitor water samples.

ExxonMobil anticipates the damaged section of the pipeline will be removed this week and will be sent to an independent third-party laboratory for testing. Work crews are vacuuming existing oil from inside the pipeline in preparation for its removal.

The Arkansas Department of Health says 10 families may return to their homes in the evacuated area following indoor air monitoring. Those homeowners are being contacted to schedule the appropriate monitoring to be conducted by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and ExxonMobil separately. The Arkansas Department of Health has established air quality levels for permanent re-entry in the evacuated areas. Data from the air monitors in the Mayflower community continue to show levels that are either non-detect or below action levels established by the Arkansas Department of Health.

Four snakes, 21 turtles and a toad were released back into the wild Thursday. More than 150 animals have been rescued from the oil spill. Less than 30 animals are still being cleaned. The majority of the impacted wildlife have been snakes. Exxon Mobil representatives say fish in the main body of Lake Conway have not been affected. U.S. Environmental Services, Wildlife Response Services, and ExxonMobil contractors are caring for rescued animals. U.S. Fish and Wildlife and the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission are actively involved in the response effort to ensure wildlife is properly captured and cleaned. Residents who find injured or oiled wildlife should call the claims hotline (1-800-876-9291) and not approach wildlife for their safety and the safety and welfare of the wildlife.

ExxonMobil is paying for the cleanup and will honor all valid claims. ExxonMobil is developing a plan to address concerns about the long-term value of homes in the Northwoods neighborhood up to and including home purchases. Residents can call a claims hotline (1-800-876-9291) for more information. So far 208 claims have been filed.

Exxon Mobil says approximately 5,000 barrels of oil spilled on March 29th.
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