Eyewitness Shares Vivid Details on Deadly Shooting, Police Chase

Eyewitness Shares Vivid Details on Deadly Shooting, Police Chase

A deadly shootout on an interstate between officers and a wanted man unfolds in front of many. One of those who saw it all go down shared his story with Fox 16's Josh Berry.
BENTON, AR - Calvin Waltman claims he watched nearly an entire chase that ended with a wanted man dead.

"Man I swear [the officer] was one foot off of this guy's bumper and never missed a lick," he shared.

Waltman had to stop his car mere feet from where the last shots were fired between Benton Police officers and Clifford Jones, 29.

Benton Police says Jones was the same suspect involved in a pursuit on July 23. In that chase he got away.

Police named Jones as a suspect in an illegal narcotics investigation which led to Tuesday's (7/30) chase and deadly shooting.

"I mean the guy in the police car had balls I've got to tell ya," Waltman remarked. "Cause he's taking gun fire through the windshield and he's returning gunfire through his windshield."

Waltman says he had to slam on his brakes to keep from hitting Jones who swerved from the service road onto a busy Interstate 30 where Jones hit the center barrier beneath an overpass.

It's all something Waltman never imagined he'd encounter on a trip from Dallas to Cincinnati and it's something no officer could fully prepare for.

Benton Police Department spokesman, Lt. Kevin Russel reports that while certain specifics of the chase and shooting haven't been released, the circumstances officers were forced to face were one-of-a-kind.

"It's nothing that you can completely 100 percent train for until it happens because it's just one of those high stress moments that hits," Lt. Russel said. "It's something that we don't see all the time and it's very unusual. Thankfully we don't see this type of an incident because it's something that's very serious and tragic."

After seeing officers chase down and shoot Jones, Waltman says he watched what looked like the final rounds fired.

"And [the officer] had a clear shot down into the truck and I think his two shots actually ended the scene."

Two Benton Police Officers have been placed on administrative leave following the shooting and killing of Clifford Jones.
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