Fallen Tree Limb Threatens NLR Home

Crews remove a fallen tree limb from a neighbor's roof.
Tree service crews removed a dangerous tree limb that forced a North Little Rock woman out of her rental home.

Limbs from a 150 year old tree in the neighbor's yard crashed onto the house Saturday and sparked a debate over who is responsible.

"My renter can't even live here," Pat Web said, staring at her rental property. "Police made her leave Saturday night when the tree limb fell on it."

It's been four days since a limb crashed on top of Webb's North Little Rock rental home on the 200 block of E. G Street.

Wednesday crews rushed to take it down before it could cause more damage. Webb called out the crew but it's not her tree, it's on her neighbor's property.

Terry James said, "This whole summer I've dealt with it. There is no real law in North Little Rock or other cities saying you have to cut this tree."

James, of James Tree Service, says the costly conflict is pretty common.

"It's becoming a problem with homeowners telling tenants next door, you have to cut this tree so we won't live in fear," he added.

He says last year James Tree Service removed a dead tree that fell on a family's home in Bryant, crushing a 5-year-old's bedroom.

"Neighbors had gotten together and said you need to cut this tree and he didn't want to because it would mess his yard up. So he left it there and it fell and it liked to kill her," James said.

While local laws may not be on the homeowners' side, James says once a tree is deemed dangerous, code enforcement can crack down on uncooperative neighbors.

"I just hope this doesn't happen to anyone else," said Webb.

In the meantime, owners like Webb are picking up the tab, hoping to avoid paying a heftier price.

"It's very expensive and if one falls, it could kill you," she said.

Webb says she's called city leaders and so far there isn't any law on the books in North Little Rock to force someone to trim trees because they're a nuisance. She said they are checking to see if there are ordinances that mandate trimming due to safety.
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