Family reacts to police chief comments

Three weeks after a man is shot and killed by an Alexander police officer, the Chief of Police is talking to the public.
ALEXANDER, AR - Three weeks after a man is shot and killed by an Alexander police officer, the Chief of Police is talking to the public. The family of 30-year-old Carlton Wallace says the chief failed to address their questions as to what happened that day.

Alexander Police Chief Horace Walters spoke at Sharon Baptist Church Sunday morning, but did not explain the circumstances of the officer involved shooting. Wallace's cousin Lynn says she has more questions than answers. "We want to know what happened to Carlton."

Chief Walters told the congregation he's conducting his own independent investigation into the September 8th shooting. "There are no two sides to an issue. There is only one side, and that's the correct, right side."

According to the State Police report, Alexander police officer Nancy Cummings saw Wallace walking along Brookwood Road with a pistol tucked in his waistband. State police say Officer Cummings saw Wallace throw the gun into a wooded area near the road. According to the State Police report, while searching Wallace for other weapons and attempting to arrest him, Officer Cummings's service weapon discharged and killed him.

Wallace family spokesperson, Rizelle Aaron, says Chief Walters speaking in public is insensitive to the family. "To schedule a public or an open meeting to make comments, but not be willing to make specific comments or detailed reference to the case is offensive to the family."

Chief Walters spoke for less than 3 minutes at the church. "I will accept some questions about me and the police department, but not about the investigation."

The Wallace family left the service disappointed, especially since they say one of their questions is why Officer Cummings is still with the department.

Aaron says Officer Cummings needs to be fired. "Any officer who accidentally shoots and kills someone does not deserve or need to have a gun, or be out on the streets working, protecting, and serving."

Until the State Police investigation is complete the Wallace family continues to wonder.
"We just want to know the truth of what happened that day."

State Police is still waiting on a report from the State Crime Lab. The case will then be turned over to the Saline County Prosecuting Attorney's Office to see if charges should be filed.

Chief Walters says Officer Cummings has been on the force since January, after receiving five weeks of training. Chief Walters says that training is enough credentials to be on the road by herself.
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