Fans react to Coach Smith's reassignment

Fans react to Coach Smith's reassignment

The decision to relieve football coach John L. Smith from the head of the program does not come as a surprise to hog fans.
LITTLE ROCK, AR - The decision to relieve football coach John L. Smith from the head of the program does not come as a surprise to hog fans.

Many people say they are excited about the future of the team. With the 2012 football season over, now the University of Arkansas is making some changes in leadership within the football program, and Razorback fans are pleased with the decision.

Jessica Ross says John L. Smith was a terrible coach for the Razorbacks. Larry Gilliam says he's just happy for a chance to rebuild and start over. Ally Kassler says anyone is a step up from Coach Smith.

Several fans say they're looking forward to the next season with a new coach. Jamison Monahan thinks it was the right call. "I think John L. Smith came into a bad situation being brought in in April when spring ball had already started."

Gilliam says Coach Smith should have been replaced a long time ago. Kyle Cunningham thinks next season is going to be very different. "I think they're going to have to get some very different personnel in there. The entire coaching staff, the players, everybody."

Now that Smith is gone, fans are starting to get excited about the announcement of a new head coach.

Fans say they can name a few people they think should get the job done. Gilliam says there are any number of coaches out there who are outstanding. "I kind of like Gary Patterson myself. I think he's a possibility."

Cunningham knows a lot of people like to throw around the name Gruden. "I like to say stay in the college ranks. I'd like to see Gundy or Patterson, or somebody like that come in."

Kassler thinks Vanderbilt's coach would be good. "Franklin would be good for us and I think someone who is not yet established as a head coach could be good."

Monahan thinks Bill O'Brien did a great job moving from the Patriots. "He could come in with some pretty bold stuff trying to make his mark, so that might work out well for Arkansas."

One thing fans do agree on is John L. Smith was just not the right fit for Arkansas, and change will be good for the team. Many are hoping for a great come back.

Kassler thinks the team is going to need another year or two to rebuild the program. "I'm looking forward to it." Monahan thinks moving forward Arkansas would do a lot better with a more aggressive coach who is willing to take some risks.

John L. Smith's 10-month contract runs through February. He'll remain in the department as a consultant and all assistant coaches have the option to remain with the team pending the hiring of a new head coach.
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