Faulkner County Deputies Searching For Three Escaped Inmates

Faulkner County Deputies Searching For Three Escaped Inmates

Three men escaped from a Faulkner County jail.
FAULKNER COUNTY, AR -- Three men escape from a jail in Faulkner County -- wearing only t-shirts and underwear -- and six hours later, deputies still out looking for them.

The sheriff told us if the jail staff was paying attention this never would've happened. 

Detectives say the three men escaped while they were in the recreation yard, then stole a car and away they went.

The Faulkner County Sheriff's detectives say the men who plotted their escape from jail were Johnathon Jackson, Joel Vermillion and Stacy Wilson.

They're not violent offenders, mostly behind bars for things like drugs and burglary but once caught, Chief Deputy Matt Rice says they'll be felons.

He said, "It's just adding time to what they already had. Yeah, we never understand why someone wants to escape."

Just after 2:00 this afternoon, Chief Rice says the trio managed to pull back some fencing in the recreation yard and make a run for it when staff wasn't looking.

Rice said, "They were able to pull it back and escape through a small hole, then they were able to go through a locked gate."

Detectives say the men then ran to a nearby business and stole a 97 White Chevy Lumina.

The license plate number is 184SAO.

But, before driving away, the men decided to lose easy identifiers.

Rice said, "When they went out they dropped their uniforms and their flip flops."

So the inmates were last known to be wearing white t-shirts and white underwear.

While investigators don't believe these guys are dangerous, if you see them call 911 right away.

The Faulkner County Sheriff's Department does not know where these men are right now or if they are still in the county.

After they finish the search for these men there will be an internal investigation to find out if anyone needs to be punished.

But, right now, they're focused on finding these inmates.

Right now investigators don't believe these men had outside help, but they're not ruling out the idea.

There's space for 240 inmates inside unit two where they escaped from in Faulkner County, which only holds non-violent offenders.

The inmates get one hour of recreation time a day.

According to the sheriff, that's when the three men made their escape.

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