Faulkner County Sheriff's Department Continues Search For Inmates

Deputies are still searching for three escaped inmates.
FAULKNER COUNTY, AR -- Three men -- who broke out of a Faulkner County Jail -- are still on the loose tonight.

Deputies say the inmates escaped from Unit Two on South German Street in Conway during recreation hour.

And while these three men are non-violent offenders, people in the community are still concerned.

The jail the three men escaped from is less than a mile from the University of Central Arkansas campus.

Students there are just moving back into the dorms and after hearing about this escape, safety is definitely on their minds.

Rebecca Wells said, "It kind of makes you question the security at the jail. It should be the place where they have the top security."

As a freshman, Wells says safety is already a priority for her.

But, hearing about the escape will make it even more important.

She said, "We're getting mace and all that stuff. So if anything happens, you can protect yourself to an extent."

But students say with emergency phone stations and police patrolling the area, the campus is not a place three men, trying to avoid the law, would come for a visit.

We did reach out to the campus police, but didn't hear back from them tonight.

Meanwhile, detectives don't believe the escaped inmates are dangerous.

They were arrested for things like drugs and burglary, but if you see them call 911 right away.

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