Film Festival Comes To An End

Film Festival Comes To An End

Little Rock Film Festival Wraps Up Tonight
LITTLE ROCK, AR -- The last film just wrapped up at the Little Rock Film Festival.

And, people packed the theater to check it out tonight..

"Don Jon" is just one of several films people watched this weekend.

It's the seventh year for the festival and organizers say it's their biggest year yet.

As the event wrapped up tonight, we spoke to one of the organizers about the future of the festival and she's pretty optimistic.

Courtney Pledger, Executive Director for Arkansas Motion Picture Institute, said, "There will be a piece in Filmmaker Magazine about the festival. So I see this as already significant and within the next several years, it will become one of the really significant festivals across the world. "

In the last few years, around 25,000 people went to the Little Rock Film Festival watching more than 100 films.

Movie Maker magazine calls it one of the 25 film festivals worth the entry fee.

And there's big news for next year's festival, the Arcade building, under construction right now, will become the new "home" of the Little Rock Film Festival.

It'll include fully digital state of the art equipment with 325 seats.

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