Firefighters Help The Elderly Escape Apartment Fire

Firefighters Help The Elderly Escape Apartment Fire

A large number of senior citizens live at an apartment complex that went up in flames on Thursday
LITTLE ROCK, AR -- 130 people are left without homes after a massive fire destroyed a Midtown apartment complex in Little Rock early this morning.

In seconds people sound asleep, woke to an inferno.

Flames ripped through the roof and windows and the fire destroyed everything in it's path.

Nathan Denny said, "I was in a deep sleep and if she (referring to his wife) had not awakened me I would not have awakened."

Married couple Tamara and Nathan Denny helped each other get out safely.

But some of the residents were all alone.

Tamara said, "We knew there was some people who couldn't leave the apartment."

The Denny's say about 30% of people living at the complex are retired and elderly.

They said at least one woman is 100-years-old and relied on firefighters to get her out alive.

Tamara said, "They even brought ladies down in their arms...little tiny ones."

The Denny's say the flames also trapped a disabled woman inside her apartment.

People outside held their breath as they anxiously awaited the dramatic rescue.

Tamara said, "Well one lady came from the third floor off the firefighter's ladder."

Hearing those stories and seeing the damage, it's almost hard to believe no one was badly hurt.

But, the Denny's say there's a reason fire victims are safe and sound right now.

Tamara said, "So the Little Rock Fire Department rocks!" Nathan added, "They did terrific!"

Investigators do not know the cause of the fire, but they don't believe it's arson.

They're also looking into the smoke alarms.

Some residents say they never heard any alarms go off and only got out after hearing the fire engines.

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