First Mayflower Residents to be Allowed Back Home after Oil Spill

They've been out of their homes since a pipeline broke open on March 29th, spewing thousands of gallons of heavy crude.
MAYFLOWER, AR - Some of the first Mayflower residents evacuated after the oil spill nearly three weeks ago will be allowed back inside their homes starting today.

That was revealed in a morning news conference at City Hall.

State agencies, ExxonMobil and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) gathered for the update on the cleanup from the March 29th spill after a pipeline broke open.

The EPA told reporters the agency is "satisfied" with Exxon and "significant progress" has been made.

The EPA says the wetlands and marshes affected by the spill remain areas of concern.

ExxonMobil says the company's purchase of homes affected by the spill is a possibility and the next step would be to talk to homeowners.
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