Fordyce hit hard by Sunday night storms

Fordyce hit hard by Sunday night storms

Dozens of homes are damaged and power is out in parts of the state after several tornadoes tore through Arkansas Sunday night. Fordyce was the hardest hit part of the state.
FORDYCE, AR - James H Smith and six brothers and sisters grew up inside his house in Fordyce. Where they used to watch TV, there's now a very different view.

"Special memories are in here, and I just sort of hate to see it come to a close," Smith said.

No major injuries were reported throughout the state, but at least ten homes were destroyed and many more damaged.

The National Weather Service believes at least one EF2 tornado caused this damage, possibly more.

"By the time we total up all of the tornados in our county warning area and Memphis does, over in eastern Arkansas we might very well have a dozen or so out of this particular outbreak," John Robinson of the National Weather Service said.

As for electricity, Entergy says around 13,000 people lost power during the storm. Contractors from neighboring states ate now here helping out and everyone should have power again by Tuesday at the latest with a lot of hard work.

For people like Smith though, some things are easier to get back than others.

"Things change. That's life,” Smith said. “We will get through to. We will get through it."

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