Former Rental Manager: Towne Oaks Problems Nothing New

Former Rental Manager: Towne Oaks Problems Nothing New

A former manager of an apartment complex with a host of problems reported by tenants says their complaints going ignored is nothing new.
"Let's see, here we go," he said, groping for the hanging light cord.

Despite being blind, Carl Corbitt can point out the problems at his Towne Oaks Village apartment, from his mildewed washer and dryer to jammed shower doors and rusted out sinks.

"Back behind here and down there's mold," he said pointing to the side of the dryer and on the wall. "Air conditioner vents -- there's mold growing around those. "

All of these issues, things he said he has pointed out to maintenance.

"I told him things need to be taken care of around here," he said. "I told him a lot of people were looking at leaving. His response, instead of saying he would get on the ball to fix it was, well they have to do what they have to do."

Corbitt faces issues not only inside his apartment but on the outside grounds, including a lack of handrails on steps to gutters that drip and dangerous sidewalks overrun by tree roots.

"When you're blind and you walk along there," he said shaking his head. "A sighted person would hit that tree."

Eric Bilello had worked for RPM Management Company, but quit in December of 2012.

"I felt like a slumlord. There was nothing I could do," she said.

She said the company refused to address complaints, forced managers to lie about issues being address, and to never admit fault.

"Everybody was aware and everybody turned the other cheek," she said. "I made a work order on every complaint I received."

"Would you say it was in the dozens?" we asked.

"Oh yeah, without a doubt. These people have legitimate complaints. They are not making it up," she said.
Corbitt can't afford to simply walk out and leave the place behind, but he hopes getting the attention of others is the first step to making his home a place he wants to live.

"Right now, it's not possible for me, us, to put back enough money to move," he said.

RPM management has not returned our phone calls seeking comment about this issue.

According to the city of Little Rock, Fox16's coverage last week prompted them to call RPM to try and schedule an inspection.

So far, the city has not received a return call from the management company either.

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