Garland County Sheriff's Deputies Search for Missing Man

Garland County Sheriff's Deputies Search for Missing Man

Hershel Winningham, 53, was last seen Monday walking north toward the Andrew Hulsey Fish Hatchery south of Lake Hamilton.
Deputies with the Garland County Sheriff's Office (GCSO) are searching for a missing man.

The GCSO says Hershel Winningham, 53, walked away from a home in the 1700 block of Highway 290 on Monday, after an argument with his daughter.
He was last seen walking north in a field near the Andrew Hulsey Fish Hatchery, just outside Lake Hamilton.

Winningham is reported to have suffered head injuries in a car wreck about two weeks ago that has left him with diminished capacities, according to the sheriff's office.

Officers with the GCSO Mounted Patrol searched a 3.5 to 4 square mile area of woods and pasture shortly after Winningham was last seen, but found no sign of the man.
Deputies say it's possible that he got a ride into town.

Anyone who knows where Winningham might be is asked to call the GCSO at (501) 622-3660.
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