Gun owners oppose publication of their names and addresses

For gun lovers, the Arkansas Gun & Knife show is paradise. They see firearms in all sizes for sale.
LITTLE ROCK, AR -- For gun lovers, the Arkansas Gun & Knife show is paradise. They see firearms in all sizes for sale.

"Most of them are for hunting purposes.  That's the reason we sell them,” Don Coulon of All Season’s Pawn & Loan said.

Coulon said just because customers leave out brandishing their guns doesn’t mean they want everyone to know they have one.  It’s now up to members of the State House to vote on keeping permit holders’ names and addresses sealed from public record.

It overwhelmingly passed in the Senate.

"If you get one the right way, you should have one without people knowing you do,” Coulon said.

State Representative Andy Davis (R-31) is sponsoring the bill in the House. He said publishing the information could jeopardize security among gun owners.

"It identifies those who own valuable firearms and may actually make them a target for thieves,” Davis said.

That’s how Davis plans on presenting the bill to his colleagues.  He has the backing of permit holders.

"It might be a way some of these people that have restraining orders out and could find them and could take some violent action against them,” Paul Crutchfield.

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