Hannah's Light: Helping To Keep School Children Safe

Hannah's Light: Helping To Keep School Children Safe

A new effort at Garland County schools is helping to keep children safe on their way to classes.
GARLAND COUNTY, AR -- About a year after a school bus hit and killed a little girl, a local community is stepping up to try and prevent it from happening again.

The effort is called Hannah's Light.

On September 21st 2012, just before 6:30 in the morning on a rural Garland County road, 7-year-old Hannah Martin tried to catch the bus.

It was still dark out with no street lights and the driver accidentally hit her.

LifeNet paramedic Bobby King said, "If it's a kid call our heart rate and anxiety rate goes up."

The accident really took it's toll on King.

He couldn't stop thinking about it, but after some research he came up with a bright idea which is a simple routine kids can do before they get on the bus.

The concept behind Hannah's Light is simple.

Each child gets one of the lights and on the back of the light there's a clip to attach it to the child's clothing or backpack.

The flashing light will alert drivers of the child.

Melodi Kastner, PR Director with LifeNet says the community really stepped up to help.

People donated enough money to buy 5000 lights.
An effort -- Kastner says -- Hannah's family is very proud of.

She said, "It's very touching and moving to me to help them keep her memory alive."

All Garland County students grades first through third will get a light this school year to keep them safe and protected.

The lights are only $1 and the folks at LifeNet would like to raise enough money to give them to fourth through sixth graders next year.

To donate, click here.

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