Hewlett Packard Announces Conway Layoffs

Hewlett Packard Announces Conway Layoffs

500 people will be laid off at the HP Center in Conway.
CONWAY, AR -- An announcement from Hewlett Packard coming as a shock to the people of Conway.

The HP Center just opened up there in 2010 and already the company is having to lay off around 500 people.

Jamie Gates who works with the Chamber of Commerce says they're working to lighten the impact.

He said, "Our hope is anyone affected by this will be able to find a place to work within our local economy."

The Chamber of Commerce already talked to some businesses looking for the same skills as those laid off at Hewlett Packard.

Around 1200 people work at the HP Center in Conway, so about half the workforce there was laid off.

However, business leaders say HP will continue to operate in Conway.

These layoffs were part of a bigger company plan to reorganize and save millions of dollars.

The customer support employees, laid off, will receive a 60 day severance package.

The layoffs will occur over the upcoming weeks and months.

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