UPDATE: Hot Springs Village woman reported missing

Police found a burned car in the Ouachita National Forest. They say it belongs to a woman who went missing last week. The missing woman is a police dispatcher.
The remains of the burned car off HWY 289
The remains of the burned car off HWY 289
HOT SPRINGS VILLAGE, AR  – "Somebody please call," urged Hot Springs Village Police Lt. Ricky Middleton. "We need some help."

Specifically, police need help finding mother of three and dispatcher Dawna Natzke.

"She's family, and we're going to do everything we can to try to find her," said Middleton.

The same can be said for a number of Natzke's friends, like Patty Hathaway. The two saw each other at a Christmas party last week in Hot Springs Village. Afterwards, Hathaway couldn’t get in touch with Natzke, which is very odd. Next thing she heard, police found Natzke's teal green 1997 Ford Escort Wagon off of Highway 298 in the Ouachita National Forest. They found it burnt.

"Oh my God," said Hathaway after hearing the news. "I just couldn't believe it."

Neither could friend Henry Rogers. Now, just like police, he's looking for Natzke.

"I drove through this area," said Rogers while retracing his steps on Highway 298. "There's a hunting lease over here. I drove through it the other morning looking around. That was before I knew they found the car. I was looking for her car."

Now, they've found the car. Rogers is still looking for Natzke.

"If you're not out looking," he said, "you're not gonna find nothing."

And right now, finding anything is all police, and Natzke's friends, can hope for.

"A phone call from her, anything," said Hathaway. "I just want her to be found."

If you know anything about Dawna Natzke's whereabouts, Hot Springs Village Police ask that you please give them a call.
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