Ipad helps Benton mom get her purse back

Ipad helps Benton mom get her purse back

A Benton mom has an early Mother's Day gift to thank for tracking down her stolen credit cards, Ipad, Iphone, purse and Nintendo DS.

"When I got back, my car wouldn't start with no keys, and I kind of freaked out," said Jill Henley.


But Henley's Mother's Day gift, the i-Pad, paid off.  Thanks to the Mobile Me ap.


"The AT&T guy convinced me I just had to have it.  We turned it on the night before."


Mobile Me uses GPS technology to track your i-Phone or i-Pad.

Jill called police and immediately logged online to track her stolen purse, credit cards, i-Phone, i-Pad, i-Pod and Nintendo DS.


"Officer Spears kept me updated the whole process. We were sitting there watching the beacon move and he was actually like we got your stuff, let's go.  Let's go ID him."


Jill says William Looney is the guy she saw parked next to her at the daycare that morning.

Police charged him with theft of property and breaking or entering.


"Sounded like he was pretty shocked.  I think he tried to escape out a back window initially," said Sgt. Patrick Baker.


But the thing is, the person who did this thought he could also out smart the technology.


The thief crushed the keys and shut off the i-Phone, but forgot about the power of the i-Pad.


Which police say turned out to be his Achilles' heel.

And, as far as that i-Pad,

 "I got it back in perfect shape," says Jill.

Looney is out on bond and will appear in court June 8.

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