Job Alert: Avon

Job Alert: Avon

This year, Avon needs to hire 100 people in Arkansas, and you can work as much or as little as you want.
This year, Avon needs to hire 100 people in Arkansas, and you can work as much or as little as you want.

"This section starting here is actually for women. Everything from the Reese Witherspoon to the Fergie."

"I was an educator,” Independent Sales Representative Janey Lawson said. “Actually had a small private school and had a major accident."

"I was bedridden for a year,” Lawson continued. “And, in the process, I had to think of something that I could do that didn't require me to walk a lot."

So Lawson turned to Avon. She went door to door when she was younger - without success - but this time she has a different approach.

Lawson opened her own Little Rock store, allowing customers to come to her.

"If you do not like people, it will be difficult,” Lawson said.

“The people do not have to come with any type of formal training or sales because we train."

Lawson wants to find 100 representatives who can do direct sales of Avon's beauty products.

"Unlike myself who I actually have a storefront, most people this is not the traditional way that they do AVON,” Lawson said. “They do direct sales directly to their customers, friends, family, workmates, their neighborhood."

You also must be highly motivated because you'll set your own hours.

"If you do not sell, you are not getting paid," Lawson said.

But the reverse is true as well. The more you sell, the more you can make.

So realistically, what can someone starting out expect to make?

"Their sales would probably be around $28,000 that year,” Lawson said. “And, depending on how they're budgeted and what they're spending, their initially salary even parttime could be anywhere from $10,000 to $14,000 take home."

Lawson says some Avon sales reps who also train new hires make millions. She adds it takes just $10 to get started, and she will personally train you.
For more information on how to apply to work for Avon, contact Janey Lawson.

7321 Mablevale Cutoff
Little Rock, AR

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