Jury Selection Continues into Day 5 for Manslaughter Trial of Former LRPD Officer

The case isn't as far along in the process as some inside the courtroom thought it would have been.
LITTLE ROCK, AR - The former Little Rock Police Officer charged with manslaughter, Josh Hastings, was in court Thursday for day four in his case against the state, who's accusing him in the wrongful death of a teenage robbery suspect.

The case isn't as far along in the process as some inside the courtroom thought it would have been.

"The court felt like we were getting too low on potential jurors and we would bring this other group in," explained defense attorney Bill James. "We hoped it wasn't going to happen but the judge decided that needs to be done so that's what's happening."

Court started Thursday with six seated jurors, meaning halfway to finalizing the jury box and officially swearing them in. That quickly changed however, when one was sent home for personal reasons.

Those inside the courtroom expected that they would begin to bring in witnesses Friday morning, but that changed about lunch time Thursday when the judge sent everyone in the current jury pool, including the seated jurors, home for the day and brought in 60 new faces to start the process all over with them from the beginning.

The court wanted a bigger pool of prospective jurors to pull from to fill the seven remaining seats plus the two alternates.

The previously seated jurors will return Friday afternoon.

It's possible opening testimony will begin Monday.

"This is a process that requires we be attentive and diligent," Judge Wendell Griffen said in regards to the delay.

This has all been done once before and resulted in a hung jury. Each side hopes history won't repeat itself.

The Prosecuting Attorney's office won't comment with a trial ongoing.

Criminal Law Professor at UALR: William H. Bowen School of Law and former Military attorney, Felecia Epps gave some insight as to what to expect.

"I'm sure they have assessed what they did last time tried to tweak it here and there hoping to get a different result this time," she said.

Judge Griffen still expects the proceedings to be finished by Oct. 4.
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